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Monitoring = Peace of Mind

Early notifications of critical building systems being out of operating parameters is valuable for any facilities management team.  Instead of waiting for users to report issues be ahead of the problem. Real-time information separate from BMS systems provides instant validation. This allows management to scale response.  

Top View of Pit Area Rendered.png

Know the status of:

  • Utility power

  • Transfer switches

  • Generators

  • Fuel levels and temps

  • Real-time loads, voltages and current on critical 

  • Set alarm limits

Pool House-Pit Area Pool Filter Area ang

Real-time monitoring of:

  • Critical pumps

  • VSD's

  • Power usage

  • Control troubles

  • Leak Detection

  • Pressure Levels

  • Flow

Pool House-Pit Area Side 3_06-06-17-Temp

Process System can be monitored:

  • On Line / Status

  • Trouble

  • Data Points 

  • Temps


Pool House-Electric Panel Area 2_06-06-1
HVAC / Refer

Environmental Conditions:

  • Supply and Return Temps

  • Boiler Temp  / Status

  • Refer Equipment

  • Circulator Pump Current

  • Manifold temps

  • Valve status

  • Weather


Geo Control right side brighter.png

Know the condition of all alarm system:

  • Mode (Armed, Disarmed)

  • Trouble

  • Alarm 

  • Tamper

  • Video Loss


Main House-water filter room non-rendere

Any system with a sensor or output can be monitored:

  • Negative Pressure 

  • Filter Backwash

  • Gases

  • Storage

  • Automation equipment

  • Network status

  • Communication System Status


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